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TémanyitásTárgy: Empornium News   5/13/2018, 09:22

Empornium Upload Speed Contest - Round 17!

200K in Main Prizes! 120K for 1st : 50K for 2nd : 30K for 3rd

SIDE Contests/Prizes include:

+10K to every entrant in finishing positions 4 thru 10 that plays by the rules and uploads at least 5 torrents.

the 10K prize is in addition to any other 'upload a certain amount of torrents' side game

+20K for every entrant that increases their user rank during the contest.

Other side games/prizes may be added prior to the official start of the contest

Please watch this thread for any last second updates if you are participating

How Many Torrents Can You Upload In A Week?

ROUND 17 begins Saturday May 19th 2018 12 PM MDT (Noon) (6:00 PM UTC) : It ends Saturday May 26th 2018 11:59 AM MDT (5:59 PM UTC)

Please post in this thread and announce your participation up to one day (Friday May 18th 2018 12 PM MDT (Noon) (6:00 PM UTC) before the round begins!

Here Are The Contest Rules!

1) Start uploading on Saturday May 19th 2018 12 PM MDT (Noon) (6:00 PM UTC) the first day of the contest (see above for starting and ending dates). Any uploads prior to that date/time are ineligible for this contest purposes. Any uploads posted after the contest ending date/time will not be eligible for this contests purposes.

2) YOU MUST make sure your account's paranoia levels are low enough AT ALL TIMES DURING THE CONTEST for me to see your uploads! I cannot and will not count anon torrents! Most importantly, I must be able to see your torrent upload LIST, not just the count

3) Whoever has the highest number of uploads posted between the official start and end date/times will get 120K at the end of the contest! Second place gets 50K, and third place gets 30K!

There are many Side contests and prizes to be won as well (see the top of the sticky post)

4) Everyone will need to declare their participation by the Friday (one day) before the start of the round (Friday May 18th 2018 12 PM MDT (Noon) (6:00 PM UTC) ) so that all participants have the same amount of minimum time to prepare! If you don't declare by then, you'll have to wait until the next round!

5) All torrents must meet Empornium's standards to qualify. Staff shouldn't have to keep reminding us of this.

6) Due to the interest this may draw from some of Emp's gatling-gun uploaders each user may only win once in three months . That way people aren't discouraged from uploading. We're trying to get people into the joys of uploading!

7) Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that any downward adjustments to their initial count is clearly and publicly communicated to all current competitors and the folks running the contest - this includes both the number of the adjustment, whether up or down, and the reason for the adjustments. Failure to do so will result in your tally being calculated from the number stated at the start of the current round. (Or the number agreed upon on the last legitimate adjustment)

Please allow around 24 hours after the end of the contest round for the payouts to go through.

ALL TORRENTS must survive deletion by reporting (lack of text, lack of mosaics, banned content, dupe, etc) this is why prizes will not be awarded until AT LEAST 24 hours after contest close


1 ) a**** March 09 2018
2 ) s***** April 07 2018
2 ) f******April 28 2018

ALL entrants ( including those on cooldown status) are eligible for any secondary prizes
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