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 Kodi users slapped with Joshua vs Parker illegal streaming warning

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TémanyitásTárgy: Kodi users slapped with Joshua vs Parker illegal streaming warning   3/29/2018, 18:37

The police have issued an early warning to anybody hoping to stream Saturday night’s Anthony Joshua fight illegally, flagging up the risks and dangers associated with piracy.

Joshua takes on New Zealander Joseph Parker at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff this weekend, with the showdown likely to draw in hundreds of thousands of viewers.

It’s being shown on Sky Sports Box Office but, as is typical with high-profile sporting events, there’ll be plenty of people looking to catch a slice of the action for free, through Kodi addons, dodgy streams and live broadcasts on social media.

The City of London’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is trying to keep people on the straight and narrow, by highlighting some of the potential downsides of illegal streaming.

“The Anthony Joshua fight is just one in numerous high profile sporting events each year, but don’t let your eagerness to tune in make you commit a crime,” said Detective Inspector Nick Court.

“By using illegal streaming sites you can open yourself up to several risks; some set-top boxes do not go through rigorous electrical testing and are therefore at risk of catching fire or giving electric shocks. By using legitimate providers these risks can easily be avoided. Watch it live, watch it legally.”

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) is also warning legitimate viewers against “misusing” their TV subscriptions.

It says customers found to be illegally sharing paid-for content − by re-streaming it online for others to watch, for instance − can not only have their subscription account terminated, but also expect to be fined or even prosecuted.

“FACT works closely with broadcasters and rights owners who employ a variety of techniques to identify the original source of illegally re-streamed content,” Kieron Sharp, the CEO of FACT, told Trusted Reviews.

“With the support from law enforcement, government and the creative industries we are tightening the net on the criminals behind illegal streams. Consumers need to be aware that not only is illegal streaming breaking the law, it can carry serious consequences for the end user. From malware and scams to potential fines, it’s not worth the risk.”

A Sky Sports customer was ordered to pay legal costs of over £16,000 last year, after he was caught re-streaming content online. He also had to disclose details about the money he made and people he colluded with, and pay Sky damages.

“Whether it’s a re-stream on social media, a piracy site, or using a device, box or stick connected to your TV, avoiding the official provider to access the fight is illegal,” Sharp added.

“It is getting harder and harder to watch live sport illegally and so boxing fans should be aware that if they were planning to watch the fight this way they are breaking the law.”
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Kodi users slapped with Joshua vs Parker illegal streaming warning
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