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Csatlakozott : 2018. Mar. 26.
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TémanyitásTárgy: Best-Core-News   3/26/2018, 11:45


Double registration is NOT FORBIDDEN!
In case of blockage due to seedlings, it is forbidden to re-register!

We're sorry to hear that you're already following the 100% download policy,
but many seedlings have 0 minute seed times.
This is why we pay close attention and penalties
(warm, download denial, abnormal case or ban) is possible.

We are punished from 2 April. Until then,
to compensate for the lack of seed crops.

The punishment depends on the last entry of a particular user.
That is, it had the opportunity to read the call or not.
If you have access and have had the opportunity to read the call,
but did not do so the penalty will automatically come into effect.
If you do not indicate the cause of the problem,
we will not accept any objections afterwards.

Everyone can find the Seed Obligation in the upper menu bar from the right
second menu. Everyone knows that you can check the seedlings of your own.
Someone has a problem with telling us through the Help menu.

Best-Core management
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