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 FunSharing (FSC) News - Happy Easter!

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TémanyitásTárgy: FunSharing (FSC) News - Happy Easter!   4/1/2018, 13:58

Happy Easter

First of all we'd like to wish happy holidays to everyone! To make that a little more happy we handed out invites to select members once more. Before using them please run a quick forum search to see whether the lucky guy you wanna invite has been rejected before. If not then fire away

But nobody should be left out on a holiday so we handed out an upload bonus to everyone. Not that iTS dearly needed, given our ratio system, but it doesn't hurt either

That aside NG got some additions. The first one is tv related. All shows on the schedule page can now be clicked and lead to a new page, which has a bunch of details about the very show you clicked on. That data is also used to add an IMDb link to all matching torrents which don't have one already.
The second one is the FunStore history. It previously linked to the classic site because FunSpace is a legacy feature. However, certain FunStore items are still used by NG and can also be purchased through that so an NG-native FunStore history seemed approriate after all.

And of course, freeleech will be on for quite a while

Happy Easter FunSharers
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FunSharing (FSC) News - Happy Easter!
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